Product Features

Monistream Agent

Monistream Cloud Monitoring System

General Features

  • Every customer has multiple target systems under the same account
  • All configurations are done over Monistream Cloud Management Console
  • Collected data storage on Specialized Big Data database
  • Both Cloud and On-premise deployments
  • Has pre-defined collection sets for target Database and Operating Systems
  • Ready-to-use monitoring dashboard interface
  • Customizable controls and dashboards
  • Fully customizable Alert and Notification Thresholds

Monistream Database Controls

  • Supported Version and Patch Monitoring
  • Database CPU Utilization
  • Database Memory Utilization
  • Database I/O Load Monitoring
  • Top Sqls per Application / Module / Service
  • Top Sqls per CPU / Buffer Gets / Disk / PGA usage
  • Top Used Datafiles and Tablespaces
  • Blocking Session Lock history
  • Waiting Session Lock history
  • Tablespace / Datafile Usage Percentages
  • Object Growth Monitoring
  • Alert log error monitoring
  • Backup Controls
  • Disaster System Synchronization Controls

Operating Systems (OS)

  • Supported Version and Patch Monitoring
  • Memory and Swap Utilization
  • CPU Load and Wait Analysis
  • IO Load and Wait Analysis
  • Disk Usage Percentages
  • Operating System Log Controls (Messages / Event / Audit Logs)

Our Product Pricing

All plans start with a free 1-month trial of Premium


Free Forever
  • Only one node
  • Limited metrics collection
  • Limited data retention (1-day)
  • No support

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$ 99 Month Per Node
  • Unlimited nodes
  • No limit on metrics
  • Over a year of data retention
  • Comprehensive support via helpdesk

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Supported Platforms


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  • Easy Installation & Quick Response
  • Fully Customizable Dashboard Screens
  • Customizable Controls
  • Flexible Agent Configuration
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